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Bödeker is, undeniably, a great place to work for many reasons. Our legacy as specialists in Saudi Arabia has built a formidable reputation and extensive network where we have bred inventive ideas and developed our local expertise as we have landscaped the desert. We are primarily a remote working team, which appeals to adventurers and globe trotters. Our fun and eclectic team is innovative, persistent and hardworking, giving the company a well-earned reputation for trustworthiness and dependability. Bödeker promotes skill development and exploration: pushing you to learn and grow. In summary, Bödeker offers a nurturing and dynamic environment that fosters growth and innovation, allowing you to become what ever version of yourself you aspire to be.

ArcGIS Developer / Administrator
  • Design, configure and administer ArcGIS Enterprise Systems to applicable or up-to-date new versions, including database architecture and management.
  • Operationally support and maintain the Esri ArcGIS Enterprise environments, including Esri Portal, Datastore, and ArcGIS Server.
  • Develop analysis, testing, and maintenance scripts

  • Support the GIS Team on any needs regarding ArcGIS Software requirements.
  • Data collection, review and management
  • Proof of concept and method development
  • Remote sensing and spatial data science and analysis
  • Analytical mapping and cartography 
  • Reporting and visualisations
  • GIS database development
  • Developing urban forest planning and management questions
  • Providing data-driven advice on tree planting and management
  • Provide analytical mapping and cartography
  • Reporting and visualisations
  • Reporting and visualisations
  • GIS database development
  • Schedule and create social media posts across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Responsible for coordinating content creation
  • Writing and sending newsletters
  • Updating of website with new content and maintain CMS (WordPress) 

For demanding Supervision tasks, we are looking for landscape architects and landscaping technicians with several years of professional experience.

We are looking for a strong leadership competence to lead a team in the field of construction and maintenance of natural parks and landscape.

We are looking for a qualified landscape architect for sophisticated design tasks who support our team in Riyadh. The designer must develop appropriate landscape designs throughout the project.

For demanding tree climbing and arborist tasks, we are looking for experienced professionals with several years of experience to support our maintenance team in Riyadh.

  • Developing urban forest planning and management advice
  • Advising on ecosystem service optimisation in an urban environment
  • Providing data-driven advice on tree planting and management

To provide trees for Riyadh, the production pressure for trees is very high. The goal is to produce large trees for roads and parks in the city of Riyadh.