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As an interdisciplinary team, we develop innovative solutions to address a wide range of challenges in the fields of landscape architecture, environmental planning, and supporting urban design.

Landscape Architecture

By leveraging our extensive experience with innovative assessment, planning, and monitoring techniques, we are able to create transformative open spaces and natural environments.


Through a comprehensive blend of environmental planning, research, and field and survey services, we deliver sustainable solutions for the natural and built environment, on both a local and regional scale.


Bödeker’s specialised systems unit offers software and analytical solutions that empower data-driven planning and management as well as operational decision-making.


We want to give back: “Infinity” is our non-profit unit: A space where we develop and realise ideas to address sustainability and social responsibility – across infinite realms, over infinite iterations. 

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Consultation plays a pivotal role in the planning process, serving as the cornerstone on which the foundation is laid. As a planner, you provide us with an overview of the open space’s potential and, if necessary, set limits as well.


Next, it’s time to put pen to paper as we develop an outdoor space that is tailored to your specific needs and which integrates seamlessly with the surrounding environment.


During the process of fine-tuning we welcome change and adaptation requests, which can then be integrated into the plan. Once the plan has been refined, we are one step closer to achieving the final vision.


The research involves a comprehensive analysis of the location and its natural characteristics. During this research, we assess all conditions and constraints of the space to determine feasibility.


The presentation takes place once the preliminary draft and the first planning concept are complete. During this stage, you will get your first impression of what the open space could look like through bespoke visualisations.


Once all change requests have been incorporated into the plans, the implementation phase begins. The garden, park, or open space is then constructed in accordance with the latest technological standards, ensuring the highest possible quality.


Our esteemed clients include:

  • Development Authorities The Royal Commission for Riyadh City
  • The Madinah Development Authority
  • Diriyah Gate Development Authority
  • Diplomatic Quarter General Authority, Riyadh
  • Municipalities of Riyadh and Medina
  • Government Ministries
  • Ministry for Municipalities and Rural Affairs, KSA
  • Ministry for The Interior, KSA
  • Other Public Clients
  • Saudi Aramco, KSA
  • King Fahad University for Petrol and Minerals
  • Commercial Developers
  • Oud Real Estate
  • Mazic Investment Co

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