from little things,
great things grow

"What is Infinity?
It's our non-commercial playground,
laboratory and idea hub,
always in process, never finished "

Together for a Better World

Infinity embodies what drives us and reflects our company’s core values. We are passionately committed to continual improvement, our vision knows no bounds, and we thrive on pioneering solutions. In retrospect, we’ve discovered that we have consistently pursued a vision that transcends the tangible results of our work. We believe in our ability to make a difference on multiple levels: fostering social participation, enhancing the quality of life, providing the space for the development and realization of new ideas, and actively contributing to the ongoing process of human progress. 

Organisations and Initiatives

The Landscape and Art Association Rietzer Berg is a non-profit organization. Its objective is to support art and nature and to enliven Rietzer Berg with concerts, events, and activities while making it accessible to visitors year-round. We focus on mixed cultures instead of monocultures, optimizing instead of maximizing, co-operation instead of competition, sustainability and long-term planning. Existing resources and niches are used. Pre-condition for each human intervention is precise observation. We want to create stable, natural cycles and connections to enable the ability for self-regulation. The association employs several people that realize these goals and take care of the park and its inhabitants with heart and mind.

Join and Inspire us!

Our corporate social responsibility initiative is an ongoing process; we continuously collect ideas and inspiring input to stay in motion. You are invited to participate.